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High standards from the field to your wardrobe.

All our clothes are researched and sourced to ensure they uphold our high environmental and social standards. Below are just some of the standout reasons behind our choices made regarding our supply chain. Our supply chain was chosen to ensure emissions of green-house gases are reduces as much as is currently possible, through organic eco-friendly farming and by achieving Carbon Neutral status in the manufacturing stage.

This environmental focus starts in the field:

 The Soil Association is the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic farming, and it is their certificate of organic origin that guarantee our suppliers cotton products and are part of the Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.)

Organic textiles, especially organic cotton, provide solutions to many of the challenges that are related to the increasing consumption of fashion and fabrics. Cottons production and processing is highly polluting. However, organic cotton offers a more sustainable alternative to conventionally grown cotton, which protects people and the planet.

 The Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S.) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, ecological and social criteria. Ensuring organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labeling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

The GOTS also ensure farmers and field workers are protected by stringent social criteria and by the ban on the use of poisonous chemicals that can severely affect the health of farmers and their families.

 Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) exists to promote fair labour conditions in the textile industry worldwide.

Our suppliers are affiliating to FWF and have committed to implementing and maintaining a Code of Conduct designed specifically for the garment industry.

The Code of Conduct is a contract between the factory and FWF and incorporates the following eight labour standards:

1) No use of child labour

2) No use of forced labour

3) Safe and healthy working conditions

4) Legal labour contract

5) Payment of a living wage

6) Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining

7) No discrimination against employees

8) No excessive hours of work