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Totaltidal the brand, the people

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Totaltidal is a clothing and lifestyle brand with a positive social and environmental focus…well that's the plan.

Before the name it started out as just an idea. An idea to develop high quality clothes that also had an environmental focus. That small but ambitious idea then started to gain momentum as we began to research the fashion industry, its environmental impact and what we can change about it.

The more we uncovered the more we wanted to offer something different, something that could hold the environment at the core but also offer high quality. So Totaltidal was born.

Now, who are we?

We are Aaron and Jodie, a couple living in south Devon who spend most of our time in the sea or exploring the stunning beaches of the south west.

Jodie and Aaron met while working for an outdoor company, years later Jodie moved Down south to join Aaron by the sea in Torbay.

Their love of the sea brought them together and a shared hopeful outlook keeps them together. 

Our mission statement and promise is:

We will only source clothing that is organic and ethically made. Manufactured using sustainable and green energy such as wind and solar power, While ensuring fair and safe labour practices throughout the production of our clothes.

Our suppliers are chosen to ensure all the clothing is of the highest standard while ensuring our social and environmental focus is met. Once clothing is received we hand print and inspect every item before sending out to our customers.


”born in Devon, made for the world”