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Early beginnings

Posted by Aaron Stephenson on

Totaltidal - Clothing a Sustainable Future

Very early on in the Totaltidal beginnings we decided to do our own printing, this was a choice made due to making sure the inks we use are high quality and eco - friendly as well as allowing us to be connected to each product we sell.

However, our good intentions meant a steep learning curve and lots of trial and even more error. But after those “experiential” attempts we got the hang of it and were able to add our own designs to our chosen t-shirts.

But to what t-shirts? As there are only a few suppliers that uphold our own high environmentally focused mind set. And the ones that do don’t ship in the quantities we needed. So, the search was on and much like our printing experiments there was lots of items that we felt were not what we wanted to put our name on.

After searching and testing different materials and suppliers we narrowed down our first products, therefore we are starting small as the search will continue to ensure all our products are of a high standard and uphold the Totaltidal ethos.

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