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Louise sets sail

Posted by Aaron Stephenson on

Our friend Louise along with 300 amazing woman from all over the world will take part in Exxpedition. An all female sailing voyage. Covering 38,000 nautical miles, starting and ending in the UK.

The voyage is a scientific research mission to explore the plastics and toxics in our oceans. 

The crew will see first hand the huge effects of single use plastics and be at the front line of cutting edge scientific research in the hope of helping to find a solution to this planet wide problem.

Here at totaltidal we are passionate about the beaches and oceans and so we are proudly supporting Louise to help fight the global issue.

To help raise funds for Louise, every sale of the classic white jersey tee will help raise money for Louise and the exxpedition round the world voyage. (Louise; trip was between Octember 2019 and January 2020).

To read more about Louise and to help her directly visit her gofundme page.


The route:

Plymouth, UK – Azores – North Atlantic Gyre – Antigua – Bonaire – Aruba – San Blas – Panama – Galapagos – Easter Island – South Pacific Gyre – Tahiti – Cook Islands – Tonga – Fiji – Vanuatu – Cairns – Darwin – Perth – Indian Ocean Gyre – Mauritius – Cape Town – South Atlantic Gyre – Recife – Fernando de Noronha – Grenada – St Lucia – Bermuda – Halifax – Labrador – Disko Bay – Nuuk – Iceland – Lofoten – Oslo – London, UK.


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